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 It Waits
Foul creatures need the dark
They need it's protective embrace
Feted mouths call to me in the dark
They hunt for me in the night
Their brimstone breath burns my flesh
Their clutching hands bruise my head 
My arms twisted in pain 
My legs bitten and bloody

I am found, born on the sacrificial alter
I am the sacrifice
I am separated and alone 
My mind is torn from it's anchors
My soul is in retreat
I am bathed in the rivers of hell
I am shredded and laid bare
I am made ready for "It"
It is ready for me

It has been waiting patiently for me
I am thrown at it's dark cold feet
It laps about my legs and chills my limbs 
My voice is it's voice
My strength is it's strength
My will is it's will

It retreats
I remain
I wait
It comes again and washes over my legs
It begins to eat away at my being
I am fading
It is growing
It retreats

I wait
I wait
I hear it begin to roar
It's coming for me
I cannot see it but I feel it's mist
The mist robs me of precious life
The mist prepares me for the next assault
It strikes me in one vicious, animal leap
I am overwhelmed
I am laid down
Pushed into the earth
It washes over my body
Over my face
It runs into my eyes 
My ears
My mouth
Quiet surrounds me
I am alone
Cut off from the world
My lungs ache
My throat burns
My life drains
I am cold
So very cold

It retreats
I am dragged with it in it's haste
The earth begins to bury me
The earth is impatient
The earth is ready for me
The earth will not have me

I lie still
I wait 
My life wanes
Soon it will come for me a final time
I wait
Distantly I hear it's call
It's voice is loud
It's passion growing
It is remembering my name

This time it will take me
It has a final cold embrace for me
I hear my name on the wind
The darkness prepares to carry my soul
The earth prepares to carry my body

It is returning for me
It calls me into itself
It fills my every pore with it's cold, cold mist
It rises above me
It is indifferent to my final terror
It wants my life to feed it's own
I am helpless against it
The sound of my name fills my universe
There is nothing save the roar of my name
It knows who I am
It knows MY name

It looms over me
It smiles an arrogant, knowing smile
It's lips part to swallow me
It devours me in an instant
I am nothing to it
It lifts me and tosses me on it's tounge
It tastes my spirit
It dissolves my soul 
My body is rendered by it's teeth
I am clawed until I am bleeding and naked
It enjoys my blood

I am it's plaything
I am it's nourishment
I recede into it's darkness
I am small and I am alone
My will is gone
My life is gone
My universe has died
The creatures have me
I am cold
So very cold
So very cold