Monthly Archives: September 2017

Women Love Pain

Yes, they do. It reinforces their victimhood. Every time she pushes some man’s buttons enough to anger him to the breaking point they are empowered when he hits her. They bring about their self-fulfilling prophecy. Women revel in their pain. “See what I have to endure.” Just listen them go on endlessly about the pain of childbirth. How no man could possibly endure it. Totally ignoring the pain men endure on the battlefield, trying to hold their guts in. Totally oblivious to the fact that IF men could conceive and carry children they would have the right equipment and would BE women. OF COURSE it would hurt a lot more to carry one without the right equipment in the first place. Let a woman without a womb and the rest of the plumbing try it. Not to mention nature gave them a threshold of pain ten times higher than a man’s.

They even complain when a man says he is in pain or sick. I think it takes away from their victim mentality and they don’t like that. Forget the fact that, for a given amount of pain a man may feel it ten times worse than a woman. They don’t care. If they can endure it so can he. Oh, what’s that you say? A woman’s threshold of pain is ten times higher than a man’s? Who cares. He doesn’t have a right to be in pain. He doesn’t have a right to suffer. Only women bleed, as the song goes. Only women suffer. I mean “really” suffer. Isn’t that right? What’s a man’s suffering compared to a woman’s? Nothing. At least that’s how they want you to think. And men foolishly go along with that, and other female propaganda. Most do anyway. A few … a very few, know the truth.

Women embrace pain as a badge of honor. Women seek it out. They are totally reckless about it. They don’t care if they are beaten and abused. If they did they would never go back. But they do because it makes them the martyr they long to be. I don’t even think they care if they die. Not really. It simply allows them to looked on as the poor victim yet again, even after death. And we fall for it again and again as if women never actually have any responsibility for their own actions. Just poor innocent victims. Yes, she left with guys she didn’t know. Yes, she got drunk willingly. And, yes she ended up in a shallow grave in the woods. But that’s not HER fault. No, she was just another innocent victim. Victimhood is their goal in life, whether or not they actually realize it. That and to complain about their self-made status endlessly.