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Men did NOT invent the two Rs

Women invented religion and relationships to keep men in check when they were out of the woman’s sight. Men would never have willingly shackled themselves to such tenants as monogamy. How did the women do it? Little by little in countless examples like this:

Husband: I’ll be back in an hour. I’m going to go covet my neighbor’s wife.

Wife: You can’t do that.

Husband: Why not?

Wife (thinking fast): Um… God said so. He’s an omnipotent being. If you don’t obey him you’ll burn in hell.

Husband: Whoa, that was a close one. Thanks for warning me …

“Under our current system of courtship, men do most of the date-asking and women get to squish men’s fragile egos like Fudgsicles on a Los Angeles freeway. I’m reasonably certain that men did not invent this system.”
…Scott Adams

Think about it. In other animals there is a rutting season and all that. Most of the time the males don’t give two figs about the females. Then they ovulate and the males are all over them. Problem is women ovulate every month and do their best to hide that fact to keep men guessing. In the animal world females are rubbing up against males and backing up to them in clear “do me NOW baby!” signs. With dogs the female can get so horny she will try to mate with other females, with one of them assuming the male position and pumping away uselessly. It would be nice to know when women are at their sexual peak and in their tear-free zone. Think how much money men could save if they knew, in advance, if sex would likely occur.

Relationships are like cages for men. Marriage is a very claustrophobic, closed environment where thinking of yourself, if you’re male, is punished and women are seen as the “givers” of sex. In today’s society women are under no contractual agreement to provide it. Worse yet, you can’t easily opt out and divorce settlements are in almost always in favor of women.

The best thing to do is avoid women. Heck, soon we will have virtual reality and the like to better satisfy our needs anyway. Be honest, has any woman EVER really satisfied your sexual desires in proportion to your fantasies? Will they ever? Not damn likely. Men can soon have it all without having to sustain or put up with the erratic real thing. Why do you think pornography is so popular? It’s not like there is a dearth of women with whom to have sex. Thing is sex with women brings along with it more problems than benefits. Men resent women and their manipulative ways more than women know. Trust me, if, one day we can build robots that seem physically the same as women, the human female’s days are numbered.