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Today I am happy
Tonight I will die again
Today no one wants me
Today no one will have me
Today the sun gives me life
Tonight the darkness will take it back
Today I smell the air of the gods
Today I watch the bees on their ancient journey
Tonight my journey will end yet again
Today my soul is refreshed
Today I am alive
Tonight my soul will be devoured
Tonight I will die again


The Lament of the Living

What happens when you slip away?
Where do you go when you leave?
When will your spirit awake?
How will you know when to wake?
Why would you want to wake?
Because you forget
Because the cycle is endless
Because you have no control
Because you are doomed to live

Gravestone Secrets

The cemetery is cool at night
It's headstones speak to me
I am their tablet
I am their scribe
They lead me into darkness
They are my passage into the ground
I touch one and it moves in my hand
It's marble becomes fluid to my grasp
It's cold memories flow into me
It's essence springs from deep in the ground
The marble shudders as I draw it's essence
I am one with it's deep longings
I am within it's murkey shroud
Nostrils flared, I smell it's decay
I face it's hidden and blind eye

The stone surges directly into my blood
My mind fills with corruption
My mouth is dry with dust
My breath stops, my heart freezes
I am buried in pain
Bits of marble burst through my eyes
They lodge there to pierce my brain
They connect me to death
My ears fill with fermented screams
The lamentations of the dead are mine
Voices swell in my head
The blood of innocence curdles into ruin
I sink into the earth
My blinded eyes see the filth of ages
My thirst is slaked by liquid flesh
I move through the wormwood coffin
I pass into the arms of fleshless bones

I lie with putrescence
I face the grinning head
It smiles it's humorless smile
It's boney mouth forever slackjawed
The stone bits pull at my eyeballs
My eyes stretch to fill the skull's sockets
We share my eyes
They gaze back at me with a knowing stare
My tounge too is stretched to it's open mouth
It now speaks with my tounge
It speaks with the low growl of the earth
It tells me the secrets of the dead
It taunts me with it's empty words
It wants MY secrets
It wants MY life
Fear drills into my mind
Ageless demons swirl in my sight
Hell's mistress reaches into my chest
My bloodied heart is pushed upward
A rotted, leathered hand finds my mouth
It squirms it's way down my throat
It grabs my heart to pull it out
I must scream
My mouth cannot scream
My mind screams the scream of life
Hell hesitates, heaven moves

The dust gushes from my mouth
The stone bits fly from my eyes
They snap into my skull
My tounge retreats into my mouth
Marble cascades from my blood
I am thrown back to earth
Death has given me up once again
The moist night air fills my lungs
My heart resumes it's pounding task
Blood flows stoneless through me
Life pulls me back with a sigh

The cemetery is cool at night
The dead whisper their stories
The living strain to listen
The gulf remains secure
Gravestone secrets are still safe
My soul is still mine