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How can you not see my torment?
My feet are in heaven
My head is in hell
My soul floats in limbo
My limbs remain sensibly attached
Yet I am pulled apart
An arm flies off to Purgatory
Another to the earth
Tasks demand my body
Others demand my mind
I want to scream aloud
But I scream in silence
Death seeks to claim me
But life will not give me up
Clouds form within me
They rain dead blood and bits of flesh
Bright bolts of light flash from my eyes
Deafening peals of thunder from my ears
Can no one else hear them?
They are so very loud
Surely they're not mine alone
Surely others know what is within
I am unable tell them
I cannot explain
To do so is endless death
Yet to not is endless torture
Enduring pain born in heaven
Perfected in hell
How can you not see my torment?
It oozes from my every pore
It gushes from my throat
It stands before you in all it's evil

Yet evil goes unseen
Evil does it's wretched work in secret
Pure evil works purely
It neither ceases nor does it succumb
Relentless is it in it's nature
Evil despoils it's very host
Decay of the soul
Rot of the mind
Evil hangs festooned from the spirit
It drags the ground and bespoils the earth
Timeless decrepit demons feast from it
Darkness calls it friend
A touch from evil boils the blood
A glance curdles it
Putrid and laughing it slithers
It's eyes fixed and wide
Evil scratches your wounds
It opens them time and again
It spits puss into them
They can never heal

Evil never loves
Yet uses love to it's own ends
Evil is never happy
Yet is always eager to take happiness
It thrives on decaying limbs
It finds new ways of molestation
It lays bare your will
It finds your lusts
It feeds from your bile
Evil never flees while there is darkness
Exposed, it seeks to infect others
It recedes into deeper chambers
It festers but never leaves

Once infected by evil it stays
It is a part of it's victim forever
It can be driven back
Yet it will never die
It can be contained
Yet never crushed
Evil will follow you unto death
It insures you have no peace
When it no longer feeds from bile
It feeds from torture
A meager feast for evil
Endless suffering for it's host

Outwardly I am whole
My limbs sensibly in place
My presence suitably sane
Inwardly I am severed
Haunted by griefs I cannot express
Torn by thoughts not my own
Infected by the unquenchable
Bedeviled by hell
Besought by heaven
I am whole and in pieces
Above all else I am alone
With no living being can I journey
No other mind can dwell within me
I am a gaping wound
Never allowed to heal
Never allowed peace
Never allowed warmth
The cold is my constant companion
The cold is my love
Embrace me my love
Freeze what I am
Make solid my pain
Hold me in your icy arms
Silence my demons
Make fast my limbs
Crystallize my mind
Make me my own glacier
Emotionless in endless winter
Chill my sorrow, frost my tears
Allow me thy bracing comforts
Protect me from evil
Sing me thy shivery songs
Take me to thy frozen crypt
Entomb me forever that I might sleep