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My ears are floating
They wander in a sea of song
Vibrations soothe and carry them
Rich and eternal melodies buoy them
They feel what cannot be seen
Bathed in endless variations
They soak luxoriously in tremors
seeking the pure resonance of time

My eyes are floating
They travel along the oceans of colors
They sail into what cannot be heard
Silence is their realm, spectacle their desire
They are the universe's window
drifting in it's perfect cold
They hover in it's moments
But never resting in it's grandeur

My mouth is floating
It wafts along in the fallows of desire
It sounds it's plaintiff cries 
It seeks the reverberation of the ages
It drifts along without care
longing for the glow of truth
finding the noise of eternity

My mind is floating
Strong currents of imagination carry it
In quiet it follows channels of darkness
In fear it follows channels of thunder
It drifts into ponds shimmering with knowledge
It moves along the flow of love
It darts along the rapids of hate
It is held fast in the eddies of despair

My soul is floating
Languidly it hovers on the night
It senses my ears
my eyes
my mouth
They float by unaware
My soul reaches out to touch them
They drift on without noticing
My soul tries to speak
but the mouth has the words
It tries to see
but the eyes have the sights
It strains to listen
but the ears have sounds locked tight
They are all drifting far away
My soul longs to cry
but the eyes have taken all the tears
Only the soft darkness remains

The windless emptiness has a quiet embrace
Slowly the gentle blackness flows in
Silently the encroaching void folds
My spirit is alone, floating in nothing
It struggles just briefly
Delicately and peacefully it is stilled
With infinite patience it is made placid
Silken obscurity gently smothering it
With intricate finality it is woven into time
self coming apart
form becoming formless
From nothing it came
To nothing it has returned