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I'm Dead

Are you there?
I can't feel you
Will you hold my cold body?
Will you bleed for me?
Will you cry bloody tears?
Drop them on my eyes
on my lips
my cheeks
My eyes are still open
They stare up at you
Moisten them with your life
You won't close them, will you?
Don't close them

Do you think I'm still here?
Do you think I see you yet?
Do you know I'm dreaming a last dream?
My mind is taking me on a final journey
Some of me is still alive
Few die all at once
Deep inside, cells still function
Symbiotic creatures still go on
Oblivious of my passing
Waiting for nurishment
Can you feel them?
If I twitch, do you think I'm with you?
My blood is still slowly flowing
Settling to the low parts of my body
Dancing with gravity one more time
You should look there to find me
But you won't

I'm pale now
Death white
All colors in one
Am I making you cold?
Cold touch and cold thought
Did you let me go?
Are you there?
I can't feel you
My dream is fading

You were never there, were you?
Alone I was
Alone I died
No one will hold me
No one will close my eyes
No one will weep
No one will bleed
It's best this way
No ripples on life's pond
No order to upset
Just quiet and melencholy

Are you there?
I can't feel you
My dream is ended
Darkness claims me